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Nicholas V Tan

I didn't take this seriously, but the voucher came by post this morning. I would like to participate in more surveys!

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Amirah Hamzah

At first I thought it was some kind of joke, but I got my voucher for £1000 and told my friends so they can win one too!

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Axel Green

This is awesome. I never won anything before in my life.

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Martin Beers

I love offers like this!

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Alli Beers

I just got a call to tell me that I won and I'm so happy!

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Ross Vermin

I participated on 5 different days and then I won - thanks so much guys!

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Amelie De Bosere

Got my voucher by e-mail today. Thanks guys! (Can it really be true?)

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Casey Fennis

Dammit did not win anything :(

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Marc Top

Any more surveys that I can fill in?

Like · Comment · 10 ·

Lucille Dingler

Did you ever see anything like this? Today was such a lousy day and then I got this amazing prize!

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Paul Jan Harms

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

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